Celebration of Books Published by Faculty in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts

Submissions are due no later than Monday, December 3, 2018 to ensure that we list your title in our Spring Communiqué, however, submissions for the program itself will be accepted up to March 1, 2019.

Eligible works:

  1. Sole or co-authored books of scholarship and/or creative work
  2. Sole or co-edited volumes
  3. Translations
  4. Editions of classic works in which the editor contributes a substantial, original scholarly interpretation (as evidenced by introductory text and extensive notes)
  5. Expanded and revised editions of previously published work
  6. Equivalent achievements in the fine arts (please use the Special Notes section below to provide detail)

The following works are NOT eligible:

  1. Edited journals, including special issues
  2. Articles appearing in a volume edited by others
  3. Journal articles

*Please note:  Occasionally, there are difficulties with works initially scheduled for a 2018 publication date that are subsequently delayed until the following year.  If this occurs after you have submitted your book information to the Hall Center, please notify us immediately (hallcenter@ku.edu) and we will ensure your work is included in the next year’s Celebration.   Likewise, if you are certain of a release date in 2018, even though the copyright notice will read 2019, you may submit your work for the 2018 Celebration.  Please indicate the copyright date in the Year of publication field below, and indicate the actual release date in the Special Notes field.

As it appears or will appear in the copyright notice:
Please provide an English translation of the work if the book is in a foreign language.
Iif the book does not yet have an ISBN, please enter 0. Please use numbers only--no dashes

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